1979 Pontiac Trans Am

Owned by Jonathan Wines

In recent times with my 1968 Camaro project falling through from what I had originally had hoped for I was in the midst of finding a new project and one day playing on craigslist BOOM! I found this 1979 Trans Am in Martinsburg West Virginia. Siked about the car and the asking price I had to go see this thing and little did I know when I got there and started looking this car over how much of a deal I had stumbled across! Not only was it a 6.6L car but already alllll of the numbers matched! Everything was original, the front end had been upgraded with new ball joints and tie rods, brand new oem disk brake spindles and alike parts had converted the front to disk braking, new bushings w/ grease fittings all around, I could go on!! This car was a dream project, I just couldnt pass it up.

Plans for the future of this car will be in a general list as follows

  • Fix the small dings and dents, and interior eyesores and prep for sanding.
  • Remove the motor, trans, all the glass and trim from the car.
  • Sand the awful paint job down to bare metal and prep floors with POR-15 and get the body set for paint!
  • Prime and paint the car - Polish the paint job out the way we want it.
  • Interior Work - Install and reupholster new interior & all glass back into the car. Install a new and up to date wiring harness for safety and convenience.
  • New weather stripping all the way around.
  • Re-do the powertrain to my liking - probably keeping the olds 403 just to be different. Perhaps dropping in a 455 later!
  • Take the car to exhaust shop to get custom true duals put on for a nice sound and performance!
  • Layer a new set of decals, tag her, and drive her like it was meant to be.



Posted on Jul 02, 2011

Well currently as an updated version of what had been going on, I am drawing very near to the end of my quest for a title. I have located, contacted and talked to the original title holder. Things are in the works and before this month is over I should possess a title in my name. The floor is pretty much done for now. I am working on acquiring a small personal loan to help build my credit personally and speed the project along. Once the title is in my hand the doors will be open. Next step is the bodywork and paint. I have done my research and am ready to try my hand at a single stage urethane job. More pictures and information will be up soon...

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