1960 MG MGA

Owned by Michael Brose

This is my fun car which is currently a project. It is a one of a kind custom. The car was modified to be similar to the AC Cobra which is originally a British car (kind of fits the theme). The car has a 1966 Ford 289 V8 jammed into the engine bay with a Ford C4 slapstick automatic sitting behind it pushing the car to a top speed of 110mph.

It wasn't perfect when I got it, but the seller sure did make it seem that way. On the drive home, I stopped at least 20 times. The gas tank was completely rusted as was the radiator which eventually collapsed a couple of months down the road. For whatever reason, there was the remanence of an octane booster can in the gas tank. The tires were basically bald as well and were probably there since the original build. All of these problems have been fixed since, but even after rebuilding the engine, it still doesn't seem right. I am currently in the process of rebuilding the engine again which will have a Ford Racing T5Z behind it.

First Batch of Parts - Done

Posted on Aug 10, 2010

I finally received my last part of my first order, my block hugger headers. I must say you definitely get what you pay for. I figured for $160 they would be decent. It has to be some of the sloppiest welding I've seen on a part and if that were my company, I would be embarrassed to sell that to someone.

Anyway, I'm going to use them since I bought them. I like them better than normal headers because the collector is closer to the center than way far in the back. Here is my dilemma: I have to modify the main frame rail for them to work. It's not that bad actually since I'm already modifying the upper part. In this case, I think I'd try to run it closer to the engine itself, but I'm still not sure.

Regardless, I think these headers will let the car exhale better than the stock manifolds. I believe it's 1 5/8" tubes going to a 2 1/2" collector.

My immediate To-Do list is to remove the other exhaust manifold, spark plugs, and water pump. After that, remove the heads, lifters, and whatever else needs to come out.

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