Michael Brose

As I grew up, I really never thought of cars as a hobby. When the first Need For Speed came out, my interest grew. I started off by learning about the exotics and supercars in the world by reading the duPont Registry. Most of my influence however was from my family. I could always find my dad working on something, be it a car or a crazy contraption. When my brother finally got his first car, a 1991 Toyota MR2, his interest exploded with his friends which rubbed off on me.

Although I would rather build a motorcycle more than anything due to it's simplicity, I truly enjoy it all. I appreciate most cars, be it from 1899 to present. Give me a choice between old and new though and I will gladly take the old.

New LED Lights

Posted on Oct 19, 2010 about their 1999 Honda Shadow ACE

For the past two years or so, I have had fog lights next to my headlight. I usually never used them because of the terrible flood of light, so I ditched them. I still wanted lights of some sort and I've seen several bikes with small lights towards the bottom. So, a quick search on eBay yielded a seller with what I wanted.

I took some steel (hanger strap basically) from my MG to use as my brackets for the lights. I cut two pieces out making sure there were three holes in each. I bored out the two furthest holes a bit, rounded the corners, and mounted them where my pegs mount to my forward extensions.

The results can be seen below. They do not add much light for me, but make the bike more visible and seem wider which is a great result. These particular lights have 18 LEDs and 6 LEDs facing the side and also a "running light" mode where it is dimmer. I got them in black, but you have the option of chrome as well.