Mikko Von Kutzleben

Hey, I'm Mikko. My liking of 3000GT's started when my friend showed me pictures of them back in high school in an computer class. But my love/passion for cars really came about when I took a ride in my friend's brother's modded 2nd gen turbo 2 rx7. DAMN that thing was fast, it didn't really occur to me that night what just happened. But that car is definitely what got me into the whole car scene and not just bullshitting about it. My first car was a 1998 3000GT SL, non-turbo. But damn it looks nice, rides great, and has a good amount of get up and go to it. I got it in 2004 and still have it today, but it's sitting in the garage waiting to get some desperately needed maintenance done to it. Summer of 2006 though is when I saw a real improvement in speed. I bought myself a 1992 3000GT VR-4, already slightly modded but nothing to crazy. It is definitely much faster than the SL, when it had a mongo boost leak and untuned it still kept up with my friend's M Roadster (which practically slaughtered the SL). Now that I have the car tuned for the most part and all my boost leaks fixed it's even faster. My first time at the track and my first ever launching an AWD drive I did a [email protected] in the 1/8 mile on my second pass, the car is definitely a lot faster than that, it just needs a better driver. Outside of cars I pretty much just enjoy hanging out with folks, chilling out with music playing in the background, and messing with computers. I also do work as a computer technician, basically I fix, build, setup computers/laptops/servers, as well as setup networks (servers/wiring/etc.). I also do some programming/scripting on the side, but not as much as I would like to at times.