History of KRCC

Knight Riders Car Club was formed in Spring of 2006 with four members: Michael Brose, Mikko Von Kutzleben, Jonathan Wines, and Ricky Zinn, with the idealogy of hanging out, checking out other cars, and learning things on the way, while staying safe on the streets and leaving the races at the track. The club is still going, but is in a dormant state. Many of us have had to go inactive in the past few years, but we will make sure we continue the club later in life.

KRCC Group Picture

About the Name

You might be wondering about the name. Although not the group's first choice, it was the only name we could all agree on. Knight Riders was chosen because Ricky Zinn had owned three Trans Ams in his life and Jonathan Wines also owned two Camaros. With the plethora of F-Bodies it made sense.

We all agreed that incorporating the TV show Knight Rider would be ideal. With Knight in the name, that gave us the origin of our logo as well, designed by Michael Brose.

KRCC Group Picture